How to go from Brunette to Blonde

Entirely possible, but at what cost and what time frame?

Come Autumn and Winter you decided to take the leap to become a Golden Brunette or Raven Haired Beauty. Come Spring and Summer, the sun makes us want to lighten back up. Now What?

Follow us in the steps to lightening up while still keeping the intergrity of your hair!

First and foremost! The integrity of your hair should always be the number one concern!

When it comes to bleach and hair, you must always make sure that you are with a trained, licensed professional, or things can go south very quickly. Most people believe that hair bleach can eat through absolutely anything. Unfortunately this is not the case.

Whenever you color your hair, that color stays on your strands until it is either chemically removed (and even then there will be residual) and or cut off. Because of this, when bleach is applied to your hair, it must "eat" through layers, upon layers of "old" color that has built up on your hair. Did you go wild and crazy and try some hot pink or red 2 years ago? That will show up once the bleach starts working it's magic.

Why are we explaining this?

When you go from Brunette to Blonde, it is extremely important to understand that it is done in stages and with MANY bonding and conditioning treatments such as Olaplex and Smartbond. This allows the hair to stay strong and not break while the bleach is lightening.

Know Your Tones:

Depending on where you are starting from, you will have a different end result.

If you are a level 5 or below (Dark Brown to Black hair) your first session will allow your hair to be a warm golden brown. Knowing this beforehand, talk to your stylist about techniques you can do to get through this first stage. Pure Blonde and or platinum is still about 3 to 4 sessions away.

Hair by Zachary Heil.

If you are a level 6 or 7 (Medium Brown to Light Brown hair) your first session will allow your hair to become lighter all over, but will still hold some gold or yellow tones. This can be helped with the use of toners, but Pure Blonde and or platinum is still, ideally, 1 to 2 sessions away.

Hair by Dede Crout

If you are a level 8 or above (Dark Blonde to Yellow Blonde hair) congratulations, you are perfectly set up for the Platinum experience. This will still require an extensive appointment, but as long as your hair is in good condition, your hair will be able to lift to a white tone. Hair by Nicole White

Now for the part that no one likes...How much is it?

Unfortunately, there is no one answer. Blonding services can run you anywhere from $125.00 to $450.00 per session. This is why consultations are so important. Your service provider will give you an approximate price based on the process that they will have to take. They will also give you prices and a maintenance schedule to keep up your look.

Keys to Success for Perfect Blonde Hair:

  1. Be Honest. Tell your stylist about your complete hair history during the consultation. The more they know, the more successful they will be with your coloring service.

  2. Be Patient. We want you to love your hair. We also want you to keep it! If your stylist believes that your hair will be too damaged if they are aggressive with getting your hair to a certain level, heed their warning.

  3. Bring Pictures! The word Blonde has a different meaning for everyone. Pictures are the perfect way to make sure everyone is on the same page with the desired outcome.

  4. Use Great Products at Home. Your stylist will recommend professional haircare products for you to take home to maintain your look. Factor this into your original budget and ask your stylist to include that in with the price during your consultation. You will be spending a lot of time and money to get your hair the perfect shade. Make sure it stays that way with quality products that strengthen your hair and preserve your color.

Toning Shampoo's and Conditioners are the perfect way to maintain your blonde at home.